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Technical Services 

Independent and impartial advice in all areas of business and real estate lifecycle

Cost Consultancy


Our Cost consultancy service involves the process of planning and controlling the budget of a project, allowing clients to predict future project expenditure and help reduce the chance of exceeding budgets.

When applied to a project, expected costs are calculated while the project is still in the planning period and are approved beforehand. During the project, all costs are recorded and monitored to make sure they stay in line with the cost plan, and then post project completion the predicted costs and actual costs can be compared and analysed, helping future cost consultancy predictions and budgets.

Implementing a cost management structure for projects can help clients keep their overall budget under control.



We can use our technical skills and knowledge to help clients understand the options available at the end of building life.

Disposal does not necessarily mean “end-of-life”, and could encompass one of the following:

• Change of use
• Disposal by sale (with the built asset in-situ, or a cleared site)
• Redevelopment (using cost-benefit analysis to determine scope and scale)
• Refurbishment
• Timescales (selling before excessive maintenance costs are due)
• Payback reached or exceeded

Facilities Management


23 Consult can provide a wide range of Facilities Management consultancy to clients using a highly skilled strategic approach and understanding of the discipline. We can focus upon the efficient and effective delivery of support services for the clients that it serves.

The ISO documentation defines Facilities Management as the “organisational function which integrates people, place and process within the built environment with the purpose of improving the quality of life of people and the productivity of the core business”

The scope of our Facilities Management expertise covers:
• Environmental Services
• Health & Safety
• Fire Safety
• Security
• Maintenance, Testing and Inspections
• Building Maintenance and Caretaking
• Cleaning and Waste Management
• Energy Management
• Business Continuity
• Churn and Portering

The highest priority of Facilities Management is keeping people alive and safe, and our strategy-level advisory service includes helping clients and end-users understand the potential impact of their decisions on the provision of space, services, cost and business risk.

Feasibility Studies


We can offer comprehensive management and coordination processes for the delivery of Feasibility Studies. This involves the provision of direct technical inputs, and coordinating, managing and working with other key respondents to ensure seamless production.

A project feasibility study is a comprehensive report that examines in detail the five frames of analysis of a given project:

• Definition
• Risk
• Potentiality
• Parametric
• Contingency

It also takes into consideration its Plan, Process, People and Power (legal/political) its risks and Points of Vulnerability, and its constraints (time, cost, and quality). The goal is to determine whether the project should go ahead, be redesigned, or else abandoned altogether.

Life Cycle Costing


We can provide full Lifecycle Costing services which comply with BS-ISO 15686:5 and BS-8544 documentation, and additional guidance published by industry recognised organisations (RICS, CIBSE, BSRIA). The key Lifecycle Cost inputs we are fully conversant with are:

• Capital Cost (via our Cost Management/Quantity Surveying Team)
• Maintenance (including cyclic, planned and responsive)
• Operation (including energy and elements of Soft FM)
• Occupation (including other Soft FM and client-specific elements)
• End-of-Life (see “Disposals” below)

Our Lifecycle offering may be used to allow for clients to comply with BREEAM/LEED/DREAM requirements (either as a corporate objective, or as a planning authority requirements), investment cost appraisal, future planning, bid deliverable, or financial obligation.

Option Appraisals


As part of any Feasibility Study and Business Case, there is a requirement to assess the scheme using a set of options which have been formulated to generate the most beneficial outcome for the scheme, given the affordability, strategic objectives, critical success factors, and quality of response required.

We have key experience in delivering the full option appraisal processes, including:

• Setting out the timetable for the delivery of Option Appraisals
• Working with and providing support for key stakeholders
• Identifying Critical Success Criteria (CSF) of the scheme
• Facilitating the process of applying weightings to the CSF
• Setting out the measurement and scoring regime associated with each CSF
• Facilitating option-scoring workshops
• Providing audit paths for the subsequent Preferred Way Forward.

Quantity Surveying


We can provide full quantity surveying services using our expert knowledge on construction costs and contracts, which would typically include the following duties:

• Cost estimate, cost planning and budget estimating
• Tender documentation (bills of quantities and contract conditions)
• Contract Management and Contract Advice
• Valuation of construction work
• Claims and dispute management
• Delay Analyses for project
• Claim preparation and negotiation
• Evaluation of subcontractor payments

We have full access to, and fully comply with, RICS resources which support the Quantity Surveying duties, such as BCIS online, NRM, and Standard Form of Cost Analysis.

Value Engineering/ Management


Our Value Engineering and Value Management services provide for a full value assessed optioneering output, which is designed to provide a solution using a qualitative vs quantitative (quality vs cost) approach, which therefore recognises the best quality solution per £pound spent.

To achieve a full Value assessment of options, the following steps are usually adopted (which can be flexed to suit the complexity of the project and the needs of the client):

Quantitative Elements:
• Establish the Capital Costs associated with each option
• If applicable, establish the Life Cycle Cost of each option

Qualitative Elements:
• Working with and providing support for key stakeholders
• Identifying Measurement Criteria for the options
• Facilitating the process of applying weightings to these Criteria
• Setting out the measurement and scoring regime
• Facilitating option-scoring workshops
• Providing audit paths for the subsequent Value-based solution

The Qualitative and Quantitative processes must be operated in isolation of each other, as it is beneficial that the final value assessment is concluded without any knowledge of bias during execution.

Whole Life Planning


We are also able to provide services which are in addition to the core Life Cycle services described above, in the form of Whole Life Costing which adds the following BSI-ISO15686:5 elements to those listed under Life Cycle Cost:

• Non-Construction Costs (Finance, acquisition, taxes and user support costs)
• Income (fees and third-party)
• Externalities (including environmental, socioeconomic and reputational)

We have decided to name this service “Whole Life Planning”, as we also recommend using this approach as part of a quantitative analysis of project cost. This, therefore, becomes an essential part of our Option Appraisal and Business Case services.

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