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Assurance Services

Discreet independent Value for Money, compliance reviews and audits



We can provide a technical audit of projects, where we can use our range of skills to evaluate deficiencies or areas of improvement in a process, system or proposal.

The technical audit covers the technical aspects of the project implemented and therefore we have the depth of knowledge necessary with our area of industry to perform these tasks.

Auditing generally focusses on four areas of concern:

• Planning & Design
• Procurement
• Delivery
• Post-Cccupancy Reviews

These are tested to ensure key objectives are being met and identifying any failures or issues arising from deficiencies.



Our benchmarking service is used to measure performance using one-or-more indicators (cost, productivity, time, or defects) resulting in a performance measure that is then compared to industry norms or project-specific data.

This is a management process used by clients to evaluate various aspects of their processes with best-practice or key competitors, usually using appropriately selected comparators from the industry. This then allows clients to develop plans on how to make improvements or adapt specific best practice, usually to increase performance.

Benchmarking may be a one-off event but is often treated as a continuous process in which clients continually seek to improve their practices.

In Project Management, benchmarking can also support the selection, planning and delivery of projects.

Due Diligence


Our due diligence offering is specific to the technical aspects of the built environment and comprises the processes involved in the investigation or exercise of care that a client is expected to take before entering into any agreement or contract with another party, or an act with a certain standard of care.

It can be a legal obligation, but the term will more commonly apply to voluntary investigations.

We would, therefore, work alongside other external disciplines such as accountants and solicitors and provide them with our professional advice on the construction technologies and costs associated with any acquisition. We are also able to manage the whole due diligence team to achieve a single, coordinated report using aspects of our Project Management service.

Funder's Agent


We offer this role to clients who are investment companies, financial lenders, or banks considering the development of a new or existing site and/or building, we advise throughout the development process, from feasibility, procurement, costs, risks and commercial aspects of the project.

This also includes the monitoring of the project during occupation and operation. We have the necessary technical resources to accurately assess the project's development risk before contract execution.

Coupled with our Cost Management and Quantity Surveying skills. we can assist with Feasibility Studies and budgeting and advise on the most effective and efficient use of the project.

Operational Reviews


We can help clients improve the performance of their property assets by executing Operational Reviews. These reviews will monitor and record owner, user and operator activities across several key service areas, and then use the developing datasets to identify where efficiencies can be made in terms of:

• Energy Usage
• Deployment of Facilities Management
• Staffing and departmental adjacencies
• Use and provision of ICT and mobile devices
• Coordination of building operational activities
• Building Management Systems
• Capital programming
• Movement of people and/or equipment around the building

This would necessitate working closely with clients to understand corporate objectives, statutory obligations, business practice and nature of building use. This information would then be used to help set out any restrictions and identify quantitative optimal solutions for clients to deploy.

Technical Advice


Our technical advisory service provides expert knowledge in the Construction and Property sector, who can deliver detailed information and advice to clients.

For example, a local authority may require a Technical Advisor to deliver the production of output specifications which will form part of a procurement pack or a contractor responding to an Invitation to Tender (ITT) will frequently use Technical Advisors to ensure that the quality of their responses are robust, and will directly align to the requirements set out in an ITT.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we are often asked to act in a liason role to respond to requirments from funders in fulfillment of lending criteria for private developments, where we are contracted to provide technical services.

Our Technical Advisory services will usually employ a need to bring a number of our service offerings together to provide an overall solution which will demonstrate synergy and inter-dependency. These services may include:

• Cost Management/Quantity Surveying
• Facilities Management
• Whole Life Planning
• Procurement Advice/Management
• Business Cases and Option Appraisals
• Project/Programme Management
• Risk Management
• Value Engineering

Other services, available via our partner organisations, may also be called upon to supplement out Technical Advisory capacity:

• Architectural Design
• Engineering Design
• Landscape Design
• Health and Safety/CDM
• Building and Site Surveys
• Space Planning
• Planning Consultancy

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